Grout Armor Color Sealer

So you are standing there looking at your ceramic tile and "ugh" the grout is dirty again. I just scrubbed the grout last month and it is dirty again. I am so sick an tired of getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing this floor. Well we have the solution for that. Grout Armor Color […]

How to maintain your new carpet

So your new carpet is installed and how should you maintain it ?  This is how to maintain your new carpet ….. VACUUM VACUUM VACUUM. You can't hurt your carpet from vacuuming it too much. What is very important is the adjustment of the spinning thing where the dirt gets sucked up called the beater brush. […]

Why purchase carpet over other floor coverings

Why purchase carpet over other floor coverings Carpet is the most versatile floor covering that you can purchase. With many styles and colors carpet can go almost anywhere in your home. Other flooring such as ceramic, hardwood and laminate need the right conditions and subfloors for a proper installation. Carpet also helps insulate your home […]