Why should I purchase my floor covering from Bloomfield

Why should I purchase my floor covering from Bloomfield Carpet and Tile when Home Depot, Lowes, and Empire sells floor coverings ? Well here are just a few, Price, Quality, experience, personalized service, knowledge, installations, and we actually care about your purchase. Our competition only cares about making a sale, any sale. They will tell you anything you want to here to make that sale. They will sell you anything even knowing that the quality of the floor covering will not suit your needs. We will ask you many questions to make sure you make the right purchase. We also will be honest and tell you if your budget is not high enough to get the quality you need and advise you to wait a few months to save some more money to get that right purchase. It does not make sense to sell the wrong products and have an unsatisfied customer. You will never get a recommendation or referral and just the opposite will happen, you will drive future business away. Check out our purchase guide page for complaint links