Fall Clean up

Bloomfield Carpet & Tile for all your floor covering needs including Carpet Cleaning, Grout Armor and Painting   Now that it is fall and the kids are back at school and vacations are over, its time for some new carpet and flooring or just get those dirty carpets clean. Give us a call 973-743-7264

You need new carpet now

Is your carpet old, worn, smelly, bubbled up, or just plain ugly ?  WE CAN HELP ! Since 1995 we have been helping people with these problems. Give us a call for a free estimate. Don't need new carpet give us a call we clean carpets too.  


Well it is almost June and you still have not done your cleaning. No worries we can help. Give us a call at Bloomfield Carpet and Tile for your carpet cleaning and your upholstery cleaning needs. Our professional services are second to none. If your carpet has bubbles we can also restretch your carpet if it is […]

Summer is here time for carpet cleaning

http://bloomfieldcarpetandtile.com/home/carpet-cleaning/With all that nasty pollen in the air it is time to rid your home of theses allergens. Check out our specials for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning or new carpet and flooring. give us a call for a custom appointment. https://www.facebook.com/BloomfieldCarpetandTile/

Winter is upon us

Worried about those holiday gatherings with the spills and tracking in of snow mud and rock salt, no problem. Just go to our care guide pages to help you clean up those messes. Don't forget we clean carpets and flooring also if you run into any problems. 

Spills happen don’t panic

Spills happen don't panic With the Super Bowl coming up and having parties at your home things are going to get spilled on your carpets, but it is not the end of the world. The key is to clean the mess as soon as you can. Most adults will tell you when they spill something, […]

flooring maintenance

Its that time of the year that we have to think about flooring maintenance. Leaves are starting to fall and we are moving into the colder weather. Soon snow and ice will be upon us. I don't even want to think about it yet but you do need to prepare for the damage and extra work it brings. […]

Nylon VS Polyester Which should I Purchase

Nylon VS Polyester Which should I Purchase This is a question that I am asked often but not often enough. Some customers but most do not know the pro's and con's of each materials. Lets start with Nylons. Nylon is a synthetic product invented by DuPont in 1935 and marketed their brand called Stain master. […]