What color are we going to get ?

Alright you decided on the type of flooring that suits your needs but now the next big question. What color are we going to get ?
This is a tough answer on many levels. If it is carpet, should the carpet be lighter or darker than the paint ? Should it match the paint or should it be a contrast ? Should it match the furniture or a contrast ? For a kitchen should the flooring match the counter top or cabinets. People literally drive themselves up a wall trying to figure these questions out. It comes down to a few things. Number one personal choice. There is no right or wrong in theses matters. Number two it depends on how good your lighting is. It is your money and you are the ones who will look at it every single day so don't call your sister over or ask a neighbor or the mailman. They will choose what appeals to them and not what you like. My only suggestions are theses. DON"T pick anything to light. You will be cleaning and vacuuming around the clock. This is flooring. We walk on it. We spill things on it. We track things from outside on it. And don't get me started about pets. And lastly guys. What ever color she likes you love it and it is perfect.