Keeping your Shaw Tile & Stone Floor Clean

Tile and stone floors are perhaps the easiest type of floor to keep clean.

Daily Suggestions

Sweeping, dusting or vacuuming your floor regularly removes the accumulation of dirt or grit that can scratch or dull the surface. If you choose to use a vacuum, be sure to turn off the vacuum beater brush or raise it so it doesn’t damage the floor. 

Weekly Suggestions

We recommend that you wipe down your floor with a damp mop or a steam mop at least once a week (or more often for heavy traffic areas) with a cleaner made specifically for stone or tile that has a neutral pH. We recommend Shaw Floors Hard Surface Cleaner from Shaw’s line of Floor Covering Care Products. If Shaw Floors Hard Surface Cleaner is not available, make certain the cleaner you choose is compatible with grout cleaning (neutral pH) and will not stain the grout.

What Not To Do

  • Do not damp mop your newly installed floor for at least 72 hours. Doing so can cause damage to the grout. The grout needs at least 72 hours to dry and cure.
  • Never leave excessive water standing on the floor. Water on the floor is slippery and can leave the floor surface dull.
  • Never use a detergent or soap, because it can dull the surface or promote the growth of mildew.
  • Never use cleaners that contain acids, vinegar, chlorines or ammonia, as these chemicals can damage and discolor the grout or the surface of the stone or tile.

Download Shaw’s Tile & Stone Care Guide Here