flooring maintenance

Its that time of the year that we have to think about flooring maintenance. Leaves are starting to fall and we are moving into the colder weather. Soon snow and ice will be upon us. I don't even want to think about it yet but you do need to prepare for the damage and extra work it brings. The doors to your house are the enemy. When you open them up leaves blow in, you track in acorn shells, step in the berries and track that mess, soon rock salt and other ice melter, but there is a simple solution. Buy door mats and small runners. Put one outside your front door, if you have a inner entrance before you get in the house put another there. Finally put one inside the home or a small runner. This will save your floor covering especially your carpets and hardwood flooring. Incidentally a small note saying please wipe your feet on the front and side door will remind you and your guests to do so.