Grout Armor Color Sealer

So you are standing there looking at your ceramic tile and "ugh" the grout is dirty again. I just scrubbed the grout last month and it is dirty again.

I am so sick an tired of getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing this floor. Well we have the solution for that. Grout Armor Color sealer.

What is that you ask ? Grout Armor Color Sealer is a system that will seal your grout, color your grout, and will give your ceramic tile

floor a like new appearance. Your floor will still get dirty but the dirt will stay on the surface of the sealer and not penetrate into the

grout itself making it very easy to clean. Grout Armor Color Sealer is the top of the line product and not a cheap knock – off used by other companies.

Please check out this link for some before and after pictures.