How to maintain your new carpet

So your new carpet is installed and how should you maintain it ?  This is how to maintain your new carpet ….. VACUUM VACUUM VACUUM.

You can't hurt your carpet from vacuuming it too much. What is very important is the adjustment of the spinning thing where the dirt gets sucked up

called the beater brush. The beater brush has an adjustment with either numbers, high to low, or floor to carpet. You never want to vacuum your carpet

on the floor setting. The floor setting is the lowest to the ground and will damage your carpet. This is especially important if you purchased a

looped carpet such as a Berber or commercial style of carpet. The loops can be pulled right out of the carpet and this is usually not repairable.

Also get your carpets professionally cleaned about every 1 -2 years as needed. This is a service that we can provide for you.