I need new flooring but what should I purchase ?

I need new flooring but what should I purchase ?
With all the different choices of manufacturers, materials, styles
and then places to shop it can be overwhelming. The first thing you should know is from an installation point of view not all materials can just go anywhere. Lets say you wanted ceramic tile in your kitchen. For a proper installation to happen the subfloor is critical for most floor coverings but in the case of ceramic it is the most critical. Some customers just want what they want so in some cases you would have to rip everything out down to the floor joists and build back up to level. Unfortunately this comes at a great expense. But Wait… L.V.T. to the rescue !
L.V.T stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile. Now this is not the peel and stick junk you buy at the box stores. L.V.T. products are great looking and imitate ceramic, porcelain, slate, quarry and even hardwood floors.  Here are some helpful links.